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East Orrington Congregational Church

38 Johnson Mill Road, Orrington, ME 04474

(207) 825-3404


Pastor:  Rev. Carl Schreiber


The East Orrington Congregational Church has held services in the present Meeting House on the Johnson Mill Road in East Orrington since its construction was completed in November 2004.  

The very first meeting house for Congregationalists in Orrington, ME was actually located is what is now Brewer, ME.  The building was completed in 1800.  In 1812, that portion of Orrington in the north end became Brewer, ME.  There was not a Congregational Meeting House in Orrington from 1812 until a new Meeting House was constructed in 1833 in Orrington Center on the Dow Road.  The Meeting House was completed and dedicated November 14, 1833 as a Congregational Meeting House.  On June 12, 1834, the Congregational Church of Orrington took form under the leadership of Rev. Pearl, an evangelist.  The First Congregational Society in Orrington is the name given to that entity that caused the Meeting House to be constructed.  Such societies, often called parishes, were responsible for the provision and maintenance of the Meeting House.  The Congregational Church of Orrington was the coming together of the actual Church Body, the worshipers.  For the most part these were generally the same people.  They simply operated under two separate and distinct organizations of incorporation.  Rev. Pearl joined the Maine Missionary Society and served Orrington Congregational Church as a Mission Church.  Upon Rev. Pearl's departure in 1837, the records of the Maine Missionary Society describe the Orrington Congregational Church as "destiture."  

On October 19, 1842, a new Congregational Meeting House in East Orrington was built and was dedicated to the service of God.  


Instead of being destitue, as described by the Maine Missionary Society in 1837, East Orrington Congregational Church is today the largest Congregational Church in the Congregational Christian Council of Maine.  

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