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East Baldwin

First Congregational Church of East Baldwin

26 School Street, East Baldwin, ME 04024

Mail:   P O Box 49, East Baldwin, ME  04024

(207) 657-5216

Pastor:  Rev. Natalie Blake

On May 16, 1821, an Ecclesiastical Council convened in a home for the purpose of the formation of a Congregational Church of Christ in Baldwin.  The first formal building of worship, was erected on the bank of Meadow Brook in 1833 and was called The Emerson Meeting House.  

The Emerson Meeting House collapsed under heavy snow about 1872.  A stone was erected to mark the site on the northerly side of the Pequawket Trail about two miles west of East Baldwin village.  A woman named Miss Brown was the moving force behind an effort to build a new church in a more central location and that the design for this building was similiar to one she had visited in her foreign travels.  The new church was dedicated June 13, 1877 which was built in East Baldwin.  A Parish Hall was built in 1911 with funds raised by the Ladies Circle.  

For many years the church belonged to the Sebago Lake Regional Parish and was yoked with other churches in the area sharing a minister.  In 1979, it became a one church parish and have recently joined the National Association of Congregational Churches.

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