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Second Congregational Church of Biddeford

19 Crescent Street, Biddeford, ME  04005

(207) 284-7898


Pastor:   Rev. Catherine Anglea

ln 1661, the First Church was held in various homes in the area of Biddeford Pool.  By 1730, the First Congregational Church was built on the Pool Road.  The Pool Road was chosen because the town was growing and more and more people were establishing homes and businesses away from the shore.  The First Congregational Church is important to the Second Congregational Church because its roots and beginnings are from this congregation.  

In later part of July 1776, a copy of the Declaration of Independence reached the community of Biddeford.  It was read from the pulpit and later would play a part in the history of the Second Congregational Church.  

In 1789, the Biddeford's first Postmaster was appointed.  The post office was a combined general store and inn.  The inn had become a gathering place for local folks and travelers since the Post Road (Rt. 1).  It was in this Inn that three men met and conceived the idea, and made formal plans to establish a Second Religious Society in Biddeford.

By the time the Second Congregational Church was established, the Town of Biddeford was growing and new ideas were being  introduced in the area of the new church known as "The Falls." 

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