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West Bethel Union Church

748 West Bethel Road, Bethel, ME 04286

Mail:  P O Box 42, West Bethel, ME  04286

(207) 836-3533

Pastor:  Rev. Vance Jordan


Before the Church was established, there was a Sewing Circle: 

At the time of the Civil War there was an active group of ladies in the West Bethel Village.  They operated under the constitution and by-laws of the union Sewing Circle of West Bethel. 

On November 10, 1892, a group of West Bethel residents gathered to form a Corporation under the name of The West Bethel Union Church Society.  The group submitted a petition to Oxford County prior to the meeting, to secure the right to become "an incorporated perish for the purpose of erecting and maintaining a building for public worship and raising money in the support of this public ministry of religion."  On December 2, 1892, the society heard and accepted their new constitution and by-laws held at the village school house.  

August 1893, the Church Society purchased a parcel of land in the village square.  On August 24, 1894, the parcel of land changed hands to the Chapel Aid Society.  A generous donor came forward to build a church with a bell tower and the church groundbreaking took place in September 1896.  On October 16, 1897, the church was completed and ownership of the building was transferred to the West Bethel Ladies Union Chapel Aid Society.


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