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Is God Speaking in the Cold of Winter? by Pastor Michael Glidden, DMin

I just started a good read by Jeremy Begbie on “Redeeming Transcendence in the Arts.” Begbie speaks through the lens of various artists through history and how artwork can show or point one toward the glory of God.

I got thinking of that as February makes way to March. We’ve had some impressive weather this winter. A few weeks ago, I told Rhonda that I never I knew the temperature to ever be minus 50 in my life. Not even in Calais. I wondered what the extreme cold had to do with God. Was He speaking in it? I’m looking forward to Spring. It’s a time of change. The birds will be chirping. The buds will be out. The weather is a little warmer. The Red Sox will be in first place on the first day of the season.

I’m grateful for us Congregationalists in Maine to be getting together soon in East Orrington. Fellowship is crucial to who we are. We need to get together, to be in the presence of one another. And to see God in all of us. Amen?

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