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Share some Pie with a Friend!

Create special moments and make wonderful memories to hold onto in the years to come


Create ways to build relationships with others within our communities


Have coffee hour in our churches to come together and share interesting stories, ideas, and show our love to each other as a community of fellowship.

10 Great Relationship Principles from John Maxwell:

  1. We See People Through Our Lens

  2. People Don't Care How Much You Know, Till They Know How Much You Care

  3. Listening From the Heart is a Game Changer

  4. Believing the Best in People Usually Brings Out the Best of People

  5. Hurting People Hurt People

  6. Admit Wrongs and Forgive Quickly

  7. Always Give More Than You Take

  8. Add Value to People

  9. You Can Never Encourage Anyone Too Much

  10. Trust Is the Lifeblood of All Relationships

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