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Epiphanies from "THE MILL" - "Sunny Flower FaceLift"

Epiphanies from “The Mill” September 2022

“Sunny Flower Facelift”

Dear Kind and Gentle People,

Last evening we were given the holy and sacred gift of water in the form of a soft refreshing rain that has replenished the pond and waterfall outside my front door and given my posies a bit of a facelift so to speak. One of my favorite flowers came from my childhood home 7 years ago after my beloved father passed at age 96. I call them “Sunny-flowers”-for ignorance of their botanical name. They have become prolific in blossoms.

The truth is that for the 65 years that father lived in our home, the flowers never reached their potential due to the fact that in the summer our dogs always liked to sleep on the north-east side of the house, therefore stifling any beauty to behold. Surprise and wonder of wonders, they have taken off here at “The Mill” and I have given away oodles of them.

How often do we take the amazing gifts of our creator for granted. The miracle of water from the sky, the sun and its photosynthesis and the sheer joy of seeing something beautiful such as butterflies on a wall of yellow flowers. Earlier this week my friend Abby (Rev. Dr. Captain Abby Lynn Haskell), sent me her link to her sunrise boat church message. I was thrilled to listen to the seagulls and the ocean waves as she was giving her incredible message on Luke 13:10-17. I include her you-tube address for you to check out her ministry-and hear the gulls.

Our creator can give us a sunny-flower facelift at any time. I highly recommend that you simply ask and then expect the unexpected! Many of us are seeking a facelift for our respective emerging post COVID ministries. Lets bathe our ministries in prayer while listening, observing and rejoicing in the gifts that God bequeaths to them, much like the rain that gave the “Sunny flowers” a facelift.

You are responsible for the care of your soul! Be willing to receive a facelift of gratitude and a fresh awareness of holy light and joyful surprises.

As always— Gobs of blessings and heaps of happiness.


Rev. Dr. Peter Stickney

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