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Epiphanies from "THE MILL" "Live and Make it Count!" February 2023

Dear Kind and Gentle People,

As we approach the February full moon, temperatures at “The Mill” will dip to minus 18 (F) {-27.7 (C) },**before windchill. Just as being aware of nature and its cycles is a responsibility of living here on Gaia to be safe, we have choices, for the care of our soul and to be mindful of the lessons and teachings of Jesus, especially his “Lesson on the Mount”.

Here is a refreshing rendition of the Statler Brothers, ”The Teacher” from the 1970s. This song from my youth danced through in head while preparing to follow the lectionary and preach on it yesterday. Simply cut and paste into your browser and be delighted at the rewording of the text.

Jesus calls us to walk in a freedom that mere words cannot explain. It begins when we are able to enjoy the vast creation that has been bequeathed to us. It begins when we are able to be open to Spirit and stop trying to control everything. It begins when we see the face of Christ in each and every person by pursuing justice and kindness for all our fellow humans. When we do these things, our hearts become refined, free from dross and hardness, purified and radiant with light, empowered to “Live and Make it Count”.

Gobs of Blessings and Heaps of Happiness,


Rev. Dr. Peter Stickney, Chaplain

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